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  • West Papua Travel Guide
    West Papua marks the eastern extremity of the Indonesian Archipelago. As the western half of Papua, the world’s second biggest island, it’s a sizable chunk of land with only a relatively small population of less than 880,000.  It’s a land of contrasts - an exceptionally beautiful province boasting vast...
  • Baliem Valley Central Highlands
    The island of New Guinea is dissected by a series of east-west running ranges which contain more than 50 peaks over 3,750m high; the highest peaks in Australasia. 36 of Indonesia’s 37 highest mountains are all contained in the Maoke Mountain range in West Papua, including Puncak Jaya (Carstensz...
  • Raja Ampat
    There’s no doubt Mother Nature was at the top of her game when she created the remote Raja Ampat archipelago, a scattering of jagged limestone islands topped with lush green foliage, fringing white sand beaches, azure seas and gorgeous lagoons. Then she endowed it with an amazing array of...
  • Summer in the central highlands, West Papua
    Lorentz National Park
    The 2.35 million hectare Lorentz National Park is the largest protected area in SE Asia and the only one in the world to incorporate a continuous tract of unspoilt ecosystems from snow-capped, glaciated uplands to tropical marine environment, including a vast swathe of lowland wetlands. Little wonder the park...
  • The Asmat Tribes
    The Asmat tribes have inhabited the swampy mangrove forests along the south coast of Papua province for thousands of years. Their villages lay hidden deep in the labyrinth of rivers, mangrove islands and muddy river delta’s, sometimes tens of kilometres from the coast. Each village consisted of a stilted...
  • Korowai Tree House Dwelling Tribes
    Regarded as the last cannibals on earth, the Korowai tribe of south eastern West Papua have fascinated the world since contact was made the first Korowai in 1974. It’s the same sense of morbid curiosity, tinged with no small amount of nervous excitement, that prompts intrepid travellers to spend...
  • Wasur National Park
    Dubbed the “Serengeti of Papua” due to its exceptional faunal and avifauna biodiversity, the Wasur National Park is hands down the best place for wildlife spotting in Papua, arguably anywhere in eastern Indonesia. Located hard up against the border with Papua New Guinea on the islands south coast, the...
  • Carstensz Pyramid
    On February 16, 1623, Dutch explorer Jan Carstensz stood on the deck of his ship gazing eastward and as he recorded in his journal “we were at about 1½ mile’s distance from the low-lying land in 5 or 6 fathom, clayey bottom; at a distance of about 10 miles...
  • Mount Trikora
    At 4,750m Mount Trikora might only be Papua’s third highest peak but it’s the highest peak in the central Sudirman Range and the one that makes the most indelible impression on most travellers as they explore the beautiful Baliem Valley.Photo © Christian StanglWhilst its hardly overrun, Trikora is also...
  • Table Mountain Forest Reserve
    At only 205m high, the flat-topped Table “Mountain” is a rather ambitiously named hill on the flanks of the Arfak Mountains overlooking Manokwari. Covered with dense rainforest, the hill supports a wide variety of flora and fauna and has a handful of small limestone caves which can be explored...
  • Anggi Lakes
    The twin mountain lakes of Anggi Giji (Lake of Men) and Anggi Gita (Lake of Women)are located in the southern Arfak Mountains about 50km due south of Manokwari. These alpine lakes are a haven for wildlife, in particular a wide range of bird species including the endemic Greg-banded Munia,...
  • Cenderawasih Bay
    Cenderawasih Bay is the north facing bay that separates Bird’s Head Peninsular from central Papua. It’s a massive body of water which contains a large number of islands and a rich marine environment regarded as one of the most biodiverse in the world, prompting the creation of Teluk Cenderawasih...
  • Kokas Ancient Sites
    The small fishing village Kokas one of those unexpectedly interesting places that you sometimes stumble across on your travels. Firstly, there’s the Japanese WWII fortress on the edge of town which comprises of disused weaponry, a bunker and a hand dug tunnel going back 138m into the hillside. Then there...
  • Liveaboard dive boat, east Indonesian archipelago
    Kaimana & Triton Bay
    The port town of Kaimana sits on the south-west coast of West Papua overlooking the eastern approach to Arguni Bay which almost dissects Bomberai Peninsular. Dotted with palm-fringed white sand beaches lapped by clear blue water, rugged limestone cliffs crowned with green tropical vegetation and picture perfect islets, the...
  • Lake Sentani
    If you’re lucky enough to have a window seat, you’ll get your first tantalising glimpse of the Lake Sentani as you fly into Sentani (Jayapura). This enormous freshwater lake system is located just 20km from the provincial capital which means it’s not only one of Papua’s most beautiful natural...
  • Paniai Lakes (Wissel Lakes)
    The Paniai Lakes lie in a natural depression between the Weyland and Sudirman ranges in the central highlands of Papua province. Comprising of three separate lakes, from largest to smallest, Paniai, Tigi and Tage, the lakes cover a combined area in excess of 150km2. Despite their large size, the lakes...
  • Biak Islands (Schouten Islands)
    Pulau Biak is an island situated at the top of Cendrawasih Bay, the largest of a small archipelago that once formed a land bridge across the bay. The island gained prominence during WWII after US and Allied forces retook Jayapura from the Japanese and the flat, solid ground on...
  • Yapen Islands
    The Yapen group of islands lies directly across the Yapen Strait from Biak, about 40km’s to the south. The largest of this group is Yapen Island (also known as Japen Island). Mios Num Island lies to the west, Kurudu to the east and off the south coast are the...