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  • West Timor Travel Guide
    Even in Indonesia, a country known for its eclectic mix of cultures, religions and natural attributes, West Timor stands out as different. The physical difference is immediately apparent. Located in a transitional zone between Australia and Asia, West Timor's landscape is hot and arid with only a few wide...
  • Semau Island
    Semau Island lies just west of Kupang, directly opposite Tenau Harbour. In fact, it’s the shelter Semau Island provides that makes Tenau such an outstanding harbour. Its 8,000 odd residents occupy a handful of tiny villages scattered around the coast, connected by network of dusty roads and a peaceful...
  • Kera Island
    Kera Island (Monkey Island) Tiny Kera Island lies smack bang right in the middle of the entrance to Kupang Bay. It’s part of the Marine Park Kupang Bay (otherwise known as the TWAL Kupang Bay). The residents of Kera are occupy a single tiny village of thatched huts and eke out...
  • Oenesu Waterfall
    Nestled in the bush just outside the village of Oenesu, 17km south of Kupang, this beautiful three-tiered waterfall is a great place to come and cool off. Don’t expect to have the place to yourself though as it’s a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. In fact, it...
  • Crystal Cave
    Crystal Cave is a little tricky to find and it’s a bit of scramble through the small entrance down into the cave (and of course back out again) but it’s worth the effort. The clear, still pool in the bottom of this natural limestone cave is absolutely gorgeous. Just...
  • Cape Oesima
    Cape Oesima lies roughly 40km southwest of Kupang and just a handful k's of south of Bolok Harbour. It takes about an hour to reach and the ocean views heading out there are sublime. The western coastline contains Toblolong Beach, a gorgeous stretch of unspoiled sand overlooking Semau and...
  • Camplong Forest & Mount Fatuleu
    Camplong Forest is a designated tourist park situated at the foot of Mount Fatuleu, 44km east of Kupang just off the main road to Soe. The tourist area consists of a crocodile farm with deer and pythons and a shady bathing area fed from natural springs in the region....
  • Soe
    Located 110km east of Kupang, the small city of Soe is the only centre of any size outside Kupang. There’s not a lot to see in the city itself other than the underwhelming Amanuban Palace and adjacent royal cemetery. The caves directly behind the main building are passably interesting...
  • Fatumnasi
    With its rolling alpine meadows sprinkled with pretty wild flowers and distant mountain ridgeline, the central highlands village of Fatumnasi looks almost out of place. Like someone dropped a Swiss village in the otherwise rather dry and barren West Timor landscape. The ume kbuubu, traditional conical houses and the...
  • Mount Mutis
    At 2,247m high, Mount Mutis is the highest peak in West Timor and the central feature of the 12,000 hectare Gunung Mutis Nature Reserve. It is bordered by the much larger 100,000 hectare Mutis-Timau Protection Forest. The region is the traditional home of the Dawan (or Atoni Metu) indigenous...
  • Oehala Waterfall
    With a steady cascade streaming over seven tiers into small pools amidst lush green surroundings Oehala Waterfall is a very pretty sight and a welcome cool retreat.Image courtesy Theo van Beusekom It’s a popular swimming and recreation area with Soe locals and a regular stop on the tourist trail. A...
  • Boti Village
    Boti’s reputation as a village determined to cling to its traditional ways is well known in Timor. Government attempts to bring the village into the modern era have so far been politely rebuffed. Thanks but no thanks to the offer of modern style housing and no to electricity, not...
  • Saenam Traditional Village
    If after visiting Boti you’re still keen to see more of West Timor’s traditional villages and getting even further off the beaten track, instead of returning to Soe along the same route, head to Saenam village in the hills overlooking the Timor’s mid-south coast then head west. This route...
  • Kefamenanu
    Commonly referred to simply as Kefa, the central highlands town of Kefamenanu is the capital of the North Central Timor regency. It’s connected by road to the city of Atambua over by the border with East Timor but most travellers will approach via Soe, a long winding 2 hour...
  • Tamkesi Traditional Village
    The small mountain village of Tamkesi is one of the most traditional and least visited of West Timor’s fascinating indigenous villages.Image courtesy of Theo van Beusekom The ritual centre of the Biboki kingdom, once home to the kings Neno Biboki and Funan Biboki, the village is situated on a lofty...
  • Bitauni Cave
    More formally known as Gua Maria Siti Bitauni, this limestone cave is a rather novel attraction. From a hideout for the Aplasi tribe, the oldest tribe in the region it now finds purpose as a shrine to the Virgin Mary and a place of pilgrimage for local Catholics. The story...
  • Savu Islands
    Savu (Sabu or Sawu) Islands If you've never heard of the Savu Islands that's not surprising; few people have. They're not exactly on the tourist and well frankly, they're not exactly on the trail to anywhere. Situated roughly midway between Timor and Sumba Island they officially belong to the expansive...
  • Rote Island
    Rote Island is situated about 30km west of Kupang harbour and together with some small nearby islands included within the Rote Ndao Regency, is the southernmost of Indonesia’s islands.Image © Baktiar Sontani It’s well off the beaten track but it’s palm fringed white sandy beaches, rolling grassy hills, terraced farming,...