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  • Sumba Travel Guide
    Hidden behind Flores and Sumbawa islands at the bottom of the Lesser Sunda Island group, Sumba tends to get passed over by most islands hoppers, including the organised cruises which usually stick to the north of Sumbawa. But there’s one group of people that come from all over the...
  • Waingapu Northwards
    The eastern end of Sumba Island is rather barren but it has some lovely river valleys, quaint fishing villages and local markets. Start by heading north from Waingapu and spend a day exploring. Just 20min north of town, lies the picturesque Prainatang and Kanatang river valleys. Just before the...
  • Southeast Loop
    The view across the coastal plain southeast of Waingapu is promising; irrigated green rice fields on one side, coastal views on the other. The first of the good beaches is found about 30km’s from town near the Kadumbul River mouth.Photo © Baktiar Sontani It’s another 36km to the next decent...
  • Baing Region
    After a busy day exploring from Waingapu, it’s worth spending a couple of nights at Baing town and allowing a full day to look around. Between the township and the coast there are several seasonal lakes where migratory birds nest and water buffalo graze. From the lakes, there are...
  • Anakalang District
    The western side of the island is noticeably greener than its eastern counterpart due to a higher annual rainfall. Horses and cattle grazing in green river valleys, golden rice fields, plantations of mahogany and teak and edible crops such as cashew, avocado and mango are the order of the...
  • Waikabubak – South Coast
    A short drive south of Waikabubak takes you into the Wanokaka River region, a wide river plain with sweeping rice fields and closely clustered traditional villages.Photo © Baktiar Sontani Once you reach the coast, there are villages and lovely beaches to the east and west. From the headland near Rua...
  • West Coast
    The region around Pero is noticeably greener and more fertile than anywhere else on Sumba and it’s just north of town at the nearby village of Tosi that the Pasola, an ancient war ritual festival is held between February and March each year.Photo © Monica Renata The precise start date...
  • Weekuri Lake
    The incredible cliff top saltwater Lake Weekuri is without doubt one of Indonesia’s finest natural attractions. This beautiful natural lake sits behind 10-15m high cliffs and is fed by waves washing through holes in the rocky cliffs, keeping the water fresh and crystal clear. Swimming in the sandy bottom...
  • Tambolaka Region
    Tambolaka is the undisputed hub of west Sumba and whilst it has taken a tentative step towards the future, it still has a foot firmly planted in the past. Every Saturday, the roads to the north and south are lined with traditional markets selling everything from fruit and vegetables,...