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  • Sumatra Travel Guide
    The third largest and westernmost island in the Indonesian archipelago, Sumatra is a grab bag of sprawling cities, traditional villages, cultural diversity, religious conservatism, immense natural beauty and exotic wildlife; all perched on one of the most seismically dangerous places on earth.» read moreIt’s a place that baffles and...
  • Lake Toba
    Occupying an area roughly 100km long, 30km wide and depths of over 500m, Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world. The caldera that Lake Toba occupies was actually created by four separate volcanic eruptions but the last one, a super volcanic eruption that occurred around 75,000...
  • Tinggi Raja
    The locals call it "Snow Heat" and certainly Tinggi Raja looks like something the animators at Disney would dream up. A river of steaming turquoise water contained between banks of snowy white rocks and mud and denuded trees. The scientific explanation is that trace elements carried in the hot...
  • Berastagi
    Situated in the Karo highlands of north Sumatra along the main route linking Lake Toba with Medan, the vibrant market town of Berastagi is famous for flowers, passionfruit and volcanoes. The town’s cool climate and pretty highlands setting has long been a popular weekend retreat with city dwellers from...
  • Batak Karo Traditional Villages
    The north central region of Sumatra encompassing the Karo highlands have been occupied for thousands of years by six distinct ethnic groups, collectively referred to as Batak, a term first applied by Malay settlers to describe any non-Muslim. These days the term generally distinguishes someone of indigenous ethnic origins...
  • Mt Sibayak
    Mount Sibayak last erupted over a century ago but it remains geothermically active with steam vents, hot springs and a slowly churning sulphurous crater lake. It’s also one of the most climbed volcanoes in Sumatra due to its ready access from the popular town of Berastagi and an easy...
  • Mt Sinabung
    Mount Sinabung is an active volcano located under an hour from Berastagi. If you’ve been to the top of Gunadaling Hill overlooking the town, you’ll have seen the impressive conical mountain smoking away in the distance. Once one of Sumatra’s most popular peaks to climb, Sinabung suddenly burst to life...
  • Sibolangit Waterfall
    Sikulikap Waterfall Sikulikap Waterfall is nestled in a rocky gorge in the Bukit Barisan Forest just 11km north of Berastagi on the main road to Medan. The 30m high cascades are quite lovely in their jungle setting but unfortunately the abundant litter in the region detracts from the overall experience....
  • Mamabu Waterfall
    The little known Mamabu Waterfall (also called Jambuara Waterfall) is located in Aek Komangin village, Hatonduhan district, Simalungun province about 4 hours south of Medan. The second highest falls in Sumatra behind Sipisopiso Waterfall, the sight and sound of the Mamabu cascade thundering down the sheer sided canyon walls...
  • Weh Island
    Located 15km off the northern tip of Sumatra, the tiny island of Weh marks the western extremity of the Indonesia archipelago. If you’ve made it that far in your Indonesia adventure, this tropical jewel in the Andaman Sea is the perfect place to mark the occasion with a few...
  • Nias Archipelago
    The Nias Archipelago lies around 120km off the west coast of Sumatra, part of a larger chain of islands that runs parallel to the coast. The Nias Archipelago comprises of 131 islands, islets and sandy cays and includes the small Hinako Island group. By far the largest of them...
  • Gunung Leuser National Park
    Few travellers will come to Sumatra and not make the trip to Gunung Leuser National Park. Located in the north east of Sumatra, the park protects a wide range of ecosystems and is regarded as the largest wilderness area in SE Asia. It straddles the northern end of the...
  • Bungus Bay Islands
    Photo © Fabio Achilli The wide, calm Bungus Bay is located 20km south of Padang. It’s only a 45min away by public minibus but a world away from the hustle and bustle of Padang. The quiet fishing village is just a one street town with friendly locals and a narrow...
  • Mentawai Islands
    Isolated for thousands of years by the Mentawai Strait, a stretch of water notorious for strong winds, unpredictable currents and treacherous reefs, the remote Mentawai Island’s have found fame as a surfing mecca. The islands are widely regarded as having the biggest concentration of perfect left and right hand...
  • Bukittinggi
    The highlands city of Bukittinggi 95km north of Padang is the gateway to the gorgeous Minangkabau (Padang) highlands. With its cool climate and superb scenery, Bukittinggi has been a favourite retreat since the Dutch colonial period. The region around Bukittinggi is dotted with the quaint villages of the Minangkabau people,...
  • Sianok Canyon
    Located just 1.5km southwest of Bukittinggi, Sianok Canyon (Ngarai Sianok to the locals) is simply breathtaking. Sheer 100-120m cliffs face each across the Sianok River which meanders lazily along the 15km canyon, feeding the lush green foliage along its length.Photo © Rahmatdenas The best view of the canyon is from...
  • Mount Marapi
    Not to be mistaken with Mount Merapi in Java, this Mount Marapi is located in the Padang Highlands, West Sumatra about 24km southeast of Bukittinggi. With over 60 eruptions to its credit since the late 18th century, Marapi claims the title of the most active volcano in Sumatra. However,...
  • Kerinci Seblat National Park
    Spanning nearly 14,000km2 from the foothills east of Padang up and over the central Barisan mountain range in western Sumatra, the Kerinci Seblat National Park encompasses a wide array of geological features and ecosystems. Together with the Gunung Leuser and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Parks, Kerinci forms the UNESCO...
  • Mount Kaba
    At only 1,952m high, Mount Kaba isn’t the highest volcano in Indonesia by a long way but it’s certainly one of the easiest to climb. And with three perfectly formed craters and gorgeous scenery over the surrounding farmlands and adjacent ranges, summiting Bukit Kaba (Kaba Hill) as the locals...
  • Bedegung Waterfall
    With a fall of 99m, Bedegung Waterfall is one the highest in Sumatra. Fed from a watershed high in the Barisan mountain range, the waterfall flows all year round but is especially impressive after heavy rain when the inflow practically thunders into the rocky narrow gorge with so much...
  • Bukit Serelo (Serelo Hill)
    With its distinctive “witches hat” pointy peak, Serelo Hill is one of Sumatra’s most iconic landmarks. On a clear day it’s visible from over 30km away, towering over the rice fields of the Lematang River plain and plantations carpeting the adjacent slopes.Copyright Dan Quinn/Gunung Bagging Serelo Hill, or Bukit Jempol...
  • Harimau Cave & Putri Cave
    Harimau Cave (also known as Tiger Cave) is a limestone cavern in OKU regency in South Sumatra, one of over 50 caves in the Ogan River valley that has turned up archaeological evidence of prehistoric human occupation in the region. Harimau Cave is significant among its peers because archaeological...
  • Krui – Ujung Bocur – Karang Nyimbor
    Located on the south west coast of Sumatra, this gorgeous stretch of coastline around the town of Krui is well known among surfing circles for its uncrowded world class waves. During the dry season from April to October, SE trade winds coupled with the Indian Ocean swell produce consistently...
  • Mount Dempo
    Rising high above the Pasumah Plain near Pagar Alam, Gunung Dempo (3,173m) is the highest peak in the southern Barisan mountain range. This stratovolcano has erupted at least 18 times since records began in 1817, the most recent in 2009. The eruptions have been mostly small to moderate explosions...
  • Bangka Belitung Islands
    The twin islands of Bangka and Belitung sit just off the south east coast of Sumatra. Together with several smaller islands and more than a hundred islets, the group is collectively known as the Bangka Belitung Islands Province. Exceptionally pretty with powder soft sandy beaches flanked by clear warm...