Tinggi Raja

The other worldly Tinggi Raja white crater, SumatraThe locals call it “Snow Heat” and certainly Tinggi Raja looks like something the animators at Disney would dream up. A river of steaming turquoise water contained between banks of snowy white rocks and mud and denuded trees. The scientific explanation is that trace elements carried in the hot spring water has been deposited over thousands of years to form terraces of hardened calcium carbonate. At 90oCelsius it’s way too hot for soaking in but the other-worldly appearance is worth the trip alone.

Tinggi Raja is located outside Tinggi Raja village (go figure), a bumpy 4 hour drive from Medan. The distance has helped keep this enchanting spring off the well-worn tourist trail but it’s popular with locals and on the weekend, enterprising villagers set up warungs near the car park. There’s no public transport to Tinggi Raja so you’ll need to line up a private car with a driver/guide or an ojek.

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Tinggi Raja village
North Sumatra, Indonesia
1 hour plus travel
Get there
Private car or Ojek
Need to know
No public transport available