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Hot Springs
  • Alor Archipelago Travel Guide
    The Alor Archipelago is located in the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands. It’s western neighbour, the Solor Archipelago lies between it and Flores Island. West Timor is directly to the south, the Banda Sea to the north. This truly delightful island group is one of Indonesia’s best kept secrets, whispered...
  • Takpala village
    Like their neighbours, the Alor islanders are of Papuan origin which is reflected in their appearance and traditional culture which remains a part of their everyday life to this day. A visit to Takpala village about 45min from Kalabahi offers a rare glimpse into the fascinating culture of the...
  • Bird Head Peninsular Loop
    Glance at a map and Alor’s Bird Head Peninsular is immediately obvious in the island’s northwest. The islands main town and main point of entry Kalahabi sits on the western side of the ‘neck’, the only significant piece of flat terrain anywhere on the island.Image courtesy of Baktiar Sontani Alor’s...
  • Kepa Island
    Kepa Island is located just a stone’s throw across the water from Alor Kecil at the southwestern tip of Bird Neck Peninsular. This adorable little isle is surrounded by some of the most biodiverse marine environments in the world.Image courtesy of Al Jata There’s a Westerner run lodge offering a...
  • Tuti Hot Spring
    In Bukapiting Village, northeast Alor, the locals have a legend about a two young lovers who met a tragic end. Being from different villages, the relationship was not approved of. When the pair were caught having a secret tryst in a cave, the villagers blocked the entrance so they...
  • Mount Sirung
    Mount Sirung sits at the southern end of Pantar Island overlooking the Ombai Strait to the south, the Pantar Strait and Alor Island to the east and on a clear day, Lembata Island to the west. It has some closer neighbours; Mount Delaki and a new, as yet unnamed...
  • Pantar Island Trek
    The natural attractions on Pantar’s southern ‘horn’ can be neatly incorporated into a 3 day trek. After climbing Mount Sirung on either one of the ascent routes trek over to the summit of neighbouring Mount Delaki (2-3 hours) and camp out on one of the open grassy areas near...