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  • Lombok & Gili Islands Travel Guide
    The first thing that surprises most Lombok newbies is the island’s stunning beauty. Huge sweeping bays swathed with stunning white beaches and rolling surf, a lush interior of terraced rice fields and pristine jungle, all lorded over by the impressive massif of Mount Rinjani volcano, the second highest peak...
  • Mount Rinjani National Park
    The 41,000 hectare Mount Rinjani National Park encircles the entire footprint of Mount Rinjani volcano. Combined with another 66,000 hectares of protected forest outside the park, it‘s a significant chunk of the island’s central north. The volcano is the star attraction of course; a hulking presence that rises impressively...
  • Mount Rinjani Volcano Trek
    Not only does the volcano dominate Lombok’s skyline, Rinjani trekking packages are widely advertised right across the island. It’s bound to pique one's curiosity and rightly so. The climb has earned its reputation as one of SE Asia’s must-do treks because it’s got the lot - rainforest and grassland...
  • Senaru Waterfalls
    Most people think of Senaru as being simply where the Mount Rinjani trek starts and ends but there is more to this village and surrounding area. There are three beautiful waterfalls located on the slopes of Rinjani within easy trekking distance of the village. Air Terjun Sindang Gila is...
  • Jeruk Manis Waterfall
    Located on the southern slopes of Mount Rinjani, the gorgeous Jeruk Manis waterfall (also known as Aik Temer Waterfall) is well worth a visit. Tumbling from a height of 40m, the cascades flow all year round, creating a cool, moist environment for the rainforest vegetation that grows thickly on...
  • The Five Waterfalls of Aik Berik
    As you’ve probably gathered by now, Rinjani National Park isn’t short of waterfalls and the small village of Aik Berik on the southern slopes of Rinjani is particularly well endowed with no less than five waterfalls within easy hiking distance of the village.Photo © Farhan Perdana (Blek) Benang Stokel and...
  • Aik Nyet
    Nestled deep in the Sesaot Protected Forest (Hutan Lindung Sesaot) surrounded by towering trees and thick jungle lies Aik Nyet, a series of permanent cold water streams, rapids and small cascades fed from an underground spring. A network of well worn forest trails links the pools and adjacent Sesaot...
  • South Coast
    The south coast of Lombok is simply gorgeous. Every hilltop view reveals bay after bay of sweeping white sandy beaches, rolling surf and cute islets framed between dramatic headlands and quiet rural villages nestled among coconuts plantations. Noticeably absent of upscale resorts, at least for the time being, and...
  • Nambung Beach Waterfall
    Located in Pengantup village approximately 60km’s south of Mataram, Nambung Beach rates a mention because of the unusual salty waterfall at the end of the beach. This natural phenomenon is caused by waves slamming into one side of the rocky headland then flowing down the rock face on the...
  • Tanjung Ringgit
    Tanjung Ringgit is the peninsular that sticks out of the southeast corner of Lombok overlooking Sumbawa Island across the Alas Strait. It has a rather convoluted coastline of high limestone cliffs and sandy beaches with clear, warm water, stunning scenery, quiet rural villages and an understated appeal. It’s a...
  • The Eastern Gili's
    Firstly, if you’re a little confused about the “Gili” reference, you should know that the word Gili actually means “small island” in the Sasak language. So although the word has become associated with the popular Gili Island group to the northwest of Lombok, it is actually a misnomer and...
  • Gili Islands
    Just a short boat ride across the water from Lombok, the trio of small islands that make up the Gili Islands have been a firm favourite with an eclectic mix of travellers since their “discovery” in the 1990’s. A quintessential tropical island paradise with swaying palms, white sandy beaches,...