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  • Welcome to the Solor Archipelago
    Between island hopping, volcano trekking, whaling villages and remnants of Portuguese occupation to explore, the Solor’s are an adventurers dream. The best part is they’re not that hard to get to or get around...Read More ___Attractions Discover the best of Solor ArchipelagoAccommodation Understand, find and book hereMap & Orientation Know your way aroundGetting...
  • Old Portuguese Fort
    Overlooking the sea at Lohayong Village stone walls and rusting canons, relics of 16th century Portuguese fort, are a fascinating reminder of early European influence in Indonesia. Solor Island, the south-western most island of the group was once an important asset in the Portuguese’s conquests over Indonesia and the...
  • Lamakera and Lamalera Whaling Villages
    Restricted by stony, volcanic soil, agriculture on the Solor’s is limited. Most islanders rely on the sea to provide for them. Whaling provides the major source of income for the Muslim villages of Lamakera on Solor and Lamalera on Lembata, the only remaining whaling villages in Indonesia. Between the months...
  • Ili Api Volcano
    Ili Api (Lewotolo) volcano is almost synonymous with Lembata. It sits on its own peninsular just to the northwest of Lewoleba, the island’s main town and the main point of entry for most travellers. With its smoking top, this 1,449m high volcano makes an indelible first impression.Copyright Dan Quinn/Gunung Bagging According...
  • Ili Boleng Volcano
    There’s something rather intriguing about Ili Boleng; the kind of intriguing that says ‘come and climb me’. The idea takes hold as the ferry chugs towards Waiwerang, the main transit town on Adonara Island. With wide sloping flanks rising gently towards the peak, Ili Boleng seems to squat rather...