View over the Lesser Sunda Islands from Rinca Island, Komodo NP

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  • Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands Travel Guide
    Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1991, Komodo National Park is one of Indonesia’s must see destinations. Sitting immediately to the west of Flores and the east of Sumbawa, the park incorporates the three main islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar and a handful of smaller surrounding...
  • Komodo Island
    There’s no doubt coming face to face with the prehistoric Komodo Dragon will send a tingle up the spine. The heightened sense of awareness that you’re in man-eater territory starts the moment you set foot on Komodo Island, one of only two places in the world where these giant...
  • Kukusan Island
    This tiny island is home to around 70 Bajo sea gypsy families, among them some of the friendliest people you’ll ever come across.  Not a lot of tourists call into Kukusan Island, but when they do, the islanders make them welcome and are happy to show them around their...
  • Moyo Island
    Moyo Island sits just off Sumbawa’s mid-north coast, almost closing off the entrance to Sumbawa’s massive Saleh Bay.  It’s another very pretty island in a chain of very pretty islands but Moya has something the other islands don’t - several permanent spring fed waterfalls hidden among the trees just...
  • Rinca Island
    Aside from Komodo Island, the only other place to see Komodo dragons in the wild is on Rinca Island, the second biggest island in the national park.  The visitor’s centre at Loh Buaya is located at the bottom of an inlet on the north-east of the island, about 2...
  • Sangeang Api Island
    Located just 13km off the north-east tip of Sumbawa, Sangeang Api is one of the more interesting islands in the Lesser Sunda Island group. For starters, it is literally a volcanic island, dominated by a soaring and active volcanic peak rising sharply from the surrounding sea. The island’s volcanic complex...
  • Pink Beach
    Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) on Komodo Island is a favourite stopover with all the tourist boats.  The beach does indeed have a pink tinge, which on closer inspection can be attributed to the millions of tiny red Foraminifera, a type of hard shell amoeboid. However, the beach was nowhere...
  • Kalong Island
    Sitting to the north of Rinca, the tiny mangrove island of Kalong is home to a colony of flying foxes numbering in the thousands.  Time your arrival to coincide with sunset when the colony takes to air, fanning out in search of food.  Once the skies have cleared, anchor...
  • Kanawa Island
    Kanawa Island is often tagged with terms such as gorgeous and paradise, and rightly so. This little island is almost entirely surrounded by fine white sandy beaches and fringing coral reel that offers some of the best off-the-beach snorkelling in Indonesia. The coral towards the edge of the reef...
  • Sebayur Island
    Yet another delightful island, Sebayur abounds in natural beauty both above and below the water. Beautiful beaches, clear warm water perfect for swimming and snorkelling, some lovely, short easy treks across the island and beachside accommodation with million dollar views are all part of the package. Noted for its charming...
  • Satonda Island
    After all that ocean swimming, Satonda Island is the perfect place to wash a little salt off the skin and out of the hair.  This small island is actually the cone of a volcano, thrust violently upwards after an eruption a 1000 metres below on the sea floor millions...
  • Padar Island
    Endowed with grass covered hills rising steeply from the sea and sweeping white sand beaches, Padar Island is simply stunning. In our opinion, easily the prettiest in the entire Lesser Sunda Islands group, and certainly one of Indonesia’s top ten. And despite being sandwiched between Komodo and Rinca Islands, it’s...