Kera Island

Kera Island (Monkey Island)

Kera beach, West Timor, IndonesiaTiny Kera Island lies smack bang right in the middle of the entrance to Kupang Bay. It’s part of the Marine Park Kupang Bay (otherwise known as the TWAL Kupang Bay).

Kera coral, West Papua, IndonesiaThe residents of Kera are occupy a single tiny village of thatched huts and eke out a living harvesting fish, octopus, stingrays and sea cucumber from the ocean around them. As descendants of the Bajo sea gyspy’s, traditionally nomadic boat dwelling people once found scattered throughout the Southeast Asia, it’s the continuation of a long tradition.

Despite the name, there are no monkeys on the island but between swimming, snorkeling and visiting with the friendly villagers Kera makes a great half day trip from Kupang. To access the island you’ll need to charter a boat from Bolok Harbour which will set you back around 750.000-1.000.000Rp. Not cheap but if you can get a small group together and split the costs it makes a lovely outing. There’s no shade on the island so be sure to wear a hat, lather on the sunscreen and take plenty of water.

Kera island, West Timor, Indonesia

Photos © Baktiar Sontani


Kupang Bay
South-west West Timor, Indonesia
4-5 hours
Get there
Charter boat from Kupang
Need to know
There is no shade on the island

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