Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is a little tricky to find and it’s a bit of scramble through the small entrance down into the cave (and of course back out again) but it’s worth the effort. The clear, still pool in the bottom of this natural limestone cave is absolutely gorgeous. Just make sure you time your visit between 10:00am – 2:00pm when the sunshine penetrates the cave and turns the water blue. Otherwise it’s just a dark, ominous pool of water. Bring a mask and flippers and see if you can spot some of the fossils in the limestone formations beneath the water.

Crystal Cave is located in the port town of Bolok,, 17km’s or 30min west of Kupang. Look for the marine police building marked “DIT Polair” on the main road at the port. The cave is located about 200m northeast of the Polair building. For a few rupiah the local kids will happily show you to the entrance of the cave but otherwise the police are usually happy to provide directions. Bemo’s run all day long between Bolok and Kupang.

17km west of Kupang
South-west West Timor, Indonesia
2-3 hours
Get there
Private car or Bemo
Need to know
There is some scrambling involved to enter the cave