Bitauni Cave

More formally known as Gua Maria Siti Bitauni, this limestone cave is a rather novel attraction. From a hideout for the Aplasi tribe, the oldest tribe in the region it now finds purpose as a shrine to the Virgin Mary and a place of pilgrimage for local Catholics.

The story goes that during the late 1800’s a Catholic missionary entrusted a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary to a local family, requesting that it be stored in the cave. The statue disappeared, but a few years later another missionary replaced the statue and it has since been joined by other Christian effigies, both inside and outside the cave.

Gua Bitauni is nestled in the side of Bitauni Hill (also known as Golgotha Peak) just outside Oelolok village 30km east of Kefamenanu. After looking around the cave, take a hike to the top of the hill (457m) where you’ll find the “Tomb of Jesus” and some nice views.

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Oelolok village 30km east of Kefamenanu
North central highlands, West Timor, Indonesia
1 hour
Get there
Private car or ojek
Need to know
Hike to the top of the hill for some great views