West Timor Accommodation

Kupang has no shortage of accommodation and you’ll find everything from budget homestays or hostel right up to some fairly new four star hotels. Even at the top end prices are pretty reasonable. Soe and Atambua have an adequate choice of hostels, hotels and homestays but everywhere else accommodation is very limited. Some villages offer homestays with a local family but you can’t just waltz in and expect to find it. You really need to be accompanied by a local guide who speaks the dialect and can arrange accommodation for you.

Rote Island has a number of surf camps and beachside resorts with a wide range in prices. Generally accommodation costs a little more than in Kupang but given the remoteness, that’s to be expected. On the plus side, many places include three meals a day in their tariff so whilst a first glance prices can look a little high, there’s certainly some excellent value to be had.

Accommodation options on Savu Island have increased in recent years as tourism is now being actively promoted as a way to boost the economy, however you still won’t find any flash resorts. Accommodation is limited to local standard hotels (penginapan) but the prices are high for what you get; rumoured to be the result of a price fixing cartel.