Morotai Island

The northern most island in the Maluku’s, Morotai lies off the northern tip of Halmahera Island. The island was a Japanese strong hold from 1942 to 1945 during World War II though there is little left to see from that period. One of the last remaining Japanese fighters from WWII finally surrendered on the island in 1974 nearly 20 years after the Japanese surrender.

Attractions are fairly limited but there are a few WWII relics and some nice beaches and islands to explore. Sopi the regional capital has some good seasonal surfing and a lighthouse which can be climbed for some excellent views.

Getting there is generally by speed boat or car ferry from Tobelo on Halmahera although the main centre of Daruba has an airport so it may be possible to get a local flight from Ternate. Once on the island there are not many roads. Ojeks are the preferred transport to negotiate tracks to more remote villages. As for accommodation there is not much outside of Daruba.

North of Halmahera Island
North Maluku Islands, Indonesia
1 day
Get there
Speed boat or ferry from Tobelo on Halmahera Island
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Limited accommodation