Lease Islands

Haruku Island

For a change of scene from Ambon, Haruku Island is located immediately to the east. The island has little in the way of accommodation however for a day trip it has some attractions such as a 1656 built Dutch fort and beautiful beaches. The easiest way to get there is by speed boat from Telehu on the east coast of Ambon Island.

Saparua Island

Located east of the capital Ambon, Saparua is a pleasant island getaway. With traditional architecture, nice beaches, Dutch built forts and some decent accommodation options it is an ideal destination within easy reach from Ambon.

Kota Saparua is the island’s capital where accommodation to suit most budgets is available. There are limited dining options on offer with only a few warungs so dining at your accommodation may be the best option. However, it may be worth checking the meal prices before checking in to ensure they are reasonable.

While in Kota Saparua, check out the 17th century Duurstede Fort built right on the beach. The fort has been restored losing its original appearance in the process but still worth a look.

Duurstede fort, Saparua, Maluku, Indonesia

Photo © Dani wid

Ouw Village in the south-east corner of the island has some interesting attractions including an unrestored fort and traditional pottery makers.

For those into diving and snorkelling there are also a number of quality sites around the island. Palau Molana, a tiny island off the south-west coast is regarded as an excellent dive spot. It is also fairly secluded with beautiful beaches.

To get to Saparua catch a speed boat from Tulehu on the east coast of Ambon Island to Haria west of the capital Kota Saparua. The island has reasonable roads with bemos and ojeks commuting between most villages.

Nusa Laut

Maluku coral reef diving, Indonesia

Photo © arnhue

Located about 80km east of Ambom island Nusa Laut is the smallest and least populated island in the group. Nusa Laut has colonial architecure old churches and great diving.

Located on the north-east coast of the island Ameth reef is considered one of the premier dive sites in east Indonesia. Villagers in Ameth and Akon have protected the reef from cyanide and dynamite fishing thus ensuring undamaged coral and plentiful fish stocks.

Ameth is the administrative centre of the island and about the only place to find accommodation. Some interesting architecture can be seen around the village.

A trip around the island is about 27km on some fairly poor roads. Hire an Ojek to explore villages and plantations. On the way check out Batu Pintu at Sila village on the northwest coast. A number of caves can be seen here. It is said a Dutch Baron sheltered in the caves until his death from starvation during the Japanese occupation in WWII.

Also in Sila is a 17th century Dutch fort. Restored in 2008 it is not easily accessable. Visitors may need to ask around the village for a key to have a look.

Most visitors get to the island from neighbouring Saparu however, it is possible to catch a boat from Telehu on Ambon Island.

When exploring the island it is best to carry food and water as there are no restaurants or cafes. Drinks and snacks may be purchased at road side stalls.

Lease Islands – East of Ambon Island
Central Maluku Islands, Indonesia
1-2 days
Get there
Speed boat from Tulehu or charter boat
Need to know
Facilities on some of the islands can be limited

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