Bacan Islands

Bacan is a mountainous, well forested island located to west of south Halmahera. The largest island in the archipelago comprising nearly 80 islands and islets, Bacan has two quite distinct mountainous regions separated by lowlands in the centre. The Maluku’s only monkey, Black Macaques, can be found on the island.

Labuha on the west coast is the local capital with an airport and most facilities. The population numbers around 8000. Accommodation can be found here as well as the port town of Babang on the east coast.

There is an airport, however, the most popular way to reach the island is by boat. Daily boats operate between Ternate and Babang. Some might be an overnight voyage so best to check out the boat before booking.

There is little by way of roads on the island other than around Labuha. Hire a Bemo or Ojek to get from the Babang port to Labuha. Long boats are the preferred method of commuting between the coastal villages.

Attractions around Labuha are fairly limited however the Sultans residence and mosque are worth a look.

Barnevald Fort

Located in Labuha the fort, originally built buy the Portuguese was captured by the Dutch in 1609. Today it is showing its age but is still well worth a visit.

Mount Sibela

Covering an area of approximately 23000 hectares Mount Sibela was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1987. The mountain itself rises 2118 metres above sea level and is one of the highest points in northern Maluku.

Little is known about climbing the mountain with reports of steep cliffs blocking the route to the summit. The best advice for trekkers in the area might be to ask around in the local villages.

Kasiruta Island

The island to the west of Bacan sees very few tourists but has some lovely beaches, clove plantations and villages to explore.

West of south Halmahera Island
North Maluku Islands, Indonesia
1-2 days
Get there
Boat from Ternate
Need to know
Limited attractions but worth a look for something of the beaten track

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