Aru Islands

The Aru Islands are as far east as the Maluku province extends. Located east of the Kei Islands and south of West Papua, the approximately 95 islands are a mix of tropical forests, savanna and mangroves with channels running through the larger islands. Connected to both Australia and New Guinea when sea levels were lower the Archipelago has a unique mix of flora and fauna.

The population is predominantly Christian with a few Catholics and Muslims. Trade and pearling have traditionally been the mainstays of the economy.

Dobo on the island of Wamar is the administrative centre with air and port facilities. Beyond Dobo there are very few facilities for visitors.

With few attractions or facilities on the islands very few tourists make the journey. There are a few nice beaches and snorkelling locations but these can be distant and remote. Exploring the islands and islets will require hiring a guide. Ask at your accommodation they might be able to assist.

The islands are serviced by air with regular flights from Ambon or you can take your chances with ferry services. Ferry services can be unpredictable and cancelled due to bad weather.

Southeast Maluku Regency
South Maluku Islands, Indonesia
2-3 days
Get there
Regular flights to/from Ambon
Need to know
Very little in the way of tourist facilities