Maluku Islands Accommodation

The more frequently visited destinations such as Ambon and Ternate offer accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets including resort style accommodation, star rated hotels, homestays and guest houses.  As travellers venture further from the main centres the accommodation options become more limited with a few hotels to chose from and family run homestays which are often the preferred or only option.  As to be expected there may be significant variations in standard and price with hotels and homestays so if possible shop around.  Many of the more remote islands and villages offer no accommodation at all.  Camping gear may be required for those wishing to overnight in these locations.

As with accommodation dining options vary enormously depending on which part of the archipelago being visited.  The main centres of course offer a vast range of choices but be mindful away from the main towns options can drop off quickly to just the odd roadside warung, a stall owner selling drinks or nothing at all.  Carry some food and water when visiting the quieter locations and seek some local knowledge regarding whats available and where it can be found.