Getting Around The Maluku Islands


Daily flights are available between Pattimura Airport, Ambon Island and Sultan Babullah Airport, Ternate North Maluku.  Flights are also available to Dumatubun Airport , Langgur on the Kei Islands.  Twice weekly flights also operate between Ambon and the popular Banda Islands.

Organised Tours

Operators are offering organised tours from one or two days around Ambon city and surroundings to seven or eight day adventures including flying to some of the more remote islands in the Maluku archipelago.  Dive tours can also be booked in Ambon.  Ambon is a popular dive destination in its own right but those seeking a bit more adventure can book live aboard tours to other island dive sites.



The Maluku’s have a fairly limited road network but where there are roads the usual means of transport are available.  Mini buses or Bimos, taxis and shared scooters.


There are a range of ships and ferries servicing neighbouring islands from Ambon and Ternate.  These include vessels with cabins and bunks, car ferries, speed boats and small wooden boats for shorter trips.  Shop around and if possible have a look at the vessel you will be travelling on before finalising your booking.  Some of the longer routes are serviced by cargo vessels and these are for only the hardiest of traveller.