View of Kuta and Lombok's southern coastline

Nambung Beach Waterfall

Nambung Beach seawater waterfall, LombokLocated in Pengantup village approximately 60km’s south of Mataram, Nambung Beach rates a mention because of the unusual salty waterfall at the end of the beach. This natural phenomenon is caused by waves slamming into one side of the rocky headland then flowing down the rock face on the backside where there also happens to be a shallow pool so you can experience this natural seawater spa.

Whilst Nambung Beach makes an interesting stopover if you’re going past on your way to or from Kuta or Sekotong, it’s probably not worth a special trip from Senggigi. As word of this unusual attraction spreads Nambung Beach is also increasingly being included in the standard fare traditional village day trip from Sengiggi. In case you’re wondering, the traditional village day trip generally includes the somewhat interesting but highly commercialised Banyumlek pottery village, Sade traditional Sasak village, Sukarara weaving village and popular south coast beaches.

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60km’s south of Mataram
South-west Lombok, Indonesia
1-2 hours
Get there
Private car, taxi or ojek
Need to know
Combine with a trip to the south coast