Busy crossroad at near Masbagik market, East Lombok

Getting Around Lombok


Lombok has an extensive taxi service operating along the west coast from Sekotong through Lembar harbour, Mataram, Sengiggi, Tanjung and Teluk Kode where the Bali fast boats arrive and depart from. The airport is well serviced of course with fixed price taxi’s for arrivals from the airport. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a taxi willing to take you across the island to Labuhan Lembok ferry harbour. Bluebird Taxi’s and the white coloured Express Taksi’s have good reputations and radio dispatch services. As always, make sure the driver turns on the meter as soon as you get in the cab.

Organised Tours

Lombok has no shortage of tour agents just about anywhere tourists hang out. They all offer a wide range of tours and trekking packages or can tailor something to suit your specific tastes. Have a look around online before you go to give yourself an idea of options and prices but there’s really no need to book ahead.


Cidomo horse drawn carts are still widely used throughout Lombok. You’ll often see cidomo’s running up and down the tourist strips, especially at night as some of the more out of the way restaurants use them as a means of attracting customers. Whilst not as fast or comfortable as a car, cidomo’s are a novel way to get around and give you plenty of time to take in the passing scenery. As a foreigner though, expect to be charged considerably more than a local so don’t be afraid to haggle hard. Bicycles are another popular way of getting around and can be hired in most of the tourist centres.

Public Transport

The primary form of public transport in Lombok is bemos. Whilst they’re cheap and run frequently, the downside is the typically short routes means you’ll have to change bemo’s for longer trips. Further away from the main centres where passenger numbers become fewer, the drivers have been known to refuse to keep going without entering into a charter arrangement. If this happens and you’re not prepared to pay, hop out an wait for a local bemo or grab and ojek for the remainder of the trip.

Private Transport

Travelling by private car or ojek is by far the most convenient way to travel if your budget runs to it. Private, air conditioned cars with English speaking drivers can be arranged very easily through your hotel or any travel agent. The same goes for ojeks although it’s usually much cheaper to approach an ojek directly. Shop around though as prices can vary quite a bit.

Scooter Hire

Away from the built-up areas where traffic can be chaotic, hiring a scooter and taking yourself around is a fun way to get out and do some exploring. Scooters can be hired through your hotel or a travel agent. Helmets are compulsory on Lombok and are provided with the bike.