Local charter boat in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo & Lesser Sunda Islands Map & Orientation

The section of the Lesser Sunda Islands that this page refers to is the 380km stretch of water between Lombok and Flores, and to the north of Sumbawa. The Komodo National Park includes the eastern-most of these islands, directly to the west of Flores and comprises roughly 1,800km2.

The most common access point for the Komodo National Park is Labuan Bajo, located on the western tip of Flores. Whilst it’s possible to see the dragons in a single day trip from Labuan Bajo, you really need a minimum of 2-3 days to experience the best of the park. Local boats can be chartered quite easily from Labuan Bajo for a day or longer, either through a tour agent in town or directly by heading down to the waterfront and asking around.

If you want to see more of the Lesser Sunda Islands, there are several boat charter companies offering a range of liveaboard dive cruises or 3-4 day cruises that ply the waters between Labuan Bajo and Labuan Lombok (a major port on the east coast of Lombok), stopping off at Komodo National Park and numerous other islands along the way. Cruises travel in both directions so you can start in either Labuan Bajo or Lombok. This is the easiest way to experience the islands and certainly ranks as one of the Roamindonesia teams most enjoyable experiences.

Moyo, Satonda and Sangeang Api islands can be easily accessed from Sumbawa.  Moyo and Satonda Islands are best reached from Sumbawa Besar, the main centre in West Sumbawa, and Sangeang Api Island from Sangeang (Wera) village on the north-eastern tip of Sumbawa.

For more details about getting to and from individual islands, please visit the Komodo & Lesser Sunda Island Attraction pages and Getting In, Out & Around.