Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island, Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Pink Beach

Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) on Komodo Island is a favourite stopover with all the tourist boats.  The beach does indeed have a pink tinge, which on closer inspection can be attributed to the millions of tiny red Foraminifera, a type of hard shell amoeboid. However, the beach was nowhere near as pink as some of the photographs we’d seen – when we queried this with our boat captain we were told the degree of “pinkness” varies depending on a combination of wave and wind action so a degree of luck is involved.

Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) on Komodo Island, IndonesiaNevertheless, it’s a very pretty beach which has a delightful little coral reef straight off the beach teaming with fish, starfish and sea urchins.  If you’re lucky as I was, you might even spot a turtle or a fascinating cuttlefish.

Out of the water, there’s a trail from the western end of the beach leading to the top of the adjacent headland “Toro Kelenta” which provides a great view back over the beach and beyond. The trail becomes steep towards the top (harder coming down than going up) but only takes about 15 minutes and is doable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. Just be sure to wear sturdy footwear.

Pink Beach is actually located on the cape to the east of Loh Liang Bay on Komodo Island.  During our visit, the tour operator didn’t seem too concerned about the possibility of Komodo dragons on this part of the island, as tourists seemed free to roam the beach and headland at will. However, this is still Komodo territory so exercise due caution when wandering around.

Komodo Island
Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
½ -1 day
Get there
Island cruise or daytrip from Labuan Bajo, Flores
Need to know
Excellent snorkelling off the beach. Beware of Komodo dragons.