Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Recently, whilst interacting with an online travel group, I came across a tale of woe from one traveller who had his camera stolen from the luggage he’d check-in for a flight.  Naturally his post sparked a lot of sympathy, but he also came under criticism for leaving his valuable items in his checked in luggage – a decision I’m sure he’s now regretting too!

Whilst It’s easy for more experienced travellers to remonstrate what looks like a basic travel no-no when it comes to keeping your valuables safe, not everyone has the benefit of experience. And even experienced travellers get caught out sometimes.  We get complacent or we just get plain careless, and sometimes it takes a story such as the one above to remind us that we need to stay vigilant.

So on that note, we at RoamIndonesia have pooled our knowledge and put together a long list of tips and helpful advise to help you keep your valuables safe whilst travelling and even at home.  It’s a must read for those new to travelling and a timely reminder for those who have been at it for awhile. So without further ado, here’s “Keeping Your Valuables Safe.”  Please let us know if you have any other good idea’s and we’ll add it to the article.