Muara Kuin Floating Market

The Muara Kuin floating market takes place between 5-9am every morning on a wide part of the Barito River by the Kuin Estuary, only 10-15min by boat from downtown Banjarmasin.

Unlike its counterpart Lok Baintan, which is an informal gathering of villagers trading and bartering their own products to the Banjar community, the Muara Kuin market is commercially focused. The boats are bigger, the volumes are bigger and the pace faster. At one time it was the biggest floating market in Indonesia but in recent years, the market has declined as many merchants have moved across to the adjacent land-based market. Despite this, the Muara Kuin market is still well worth a look, both on the water and on land.

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South Kalimantan
2 hours
Get there
Ask your hotel or guesthouse to arrange a charter boat or private car, or grab a taxi.
Need to know
If visiting by boat, have your boatman stop in at the adjacent land-based market so you can have a look around.