View across north Labuan Bajo bay, Flores, Indonesia

Batu Cermin Cave

Located just 4km from Labuan Bajo, a visit to Batu Cermin cave, or Mirror Rock as it is also known, is an easy and worthwhile outing.

Batu Cermin "Mirror Rock" cave, Flores

Photo © Baktiar Sontani

Donning the helmet provided with the Rp. 10.000 entry fee and shining your torch into the dark recesses of this limestone cave, one can’t help but feel a bit like a real explorer as you venture inside. The helmets are a nice to have rather than a necessity as there is some low ceilings to negotiate in places before you break out into the main chamber, blinking under the sudden glare of sunlight shining through a hole in the cavern roof.

Translated, Batu Cermin means ‘mirror rock’ and if you time your visit between 9 and 10am you’ll understand just how apt the name is. At this hour, a single shaft of sunlight penetrates the hole, hitting the smooth limestone wall and reflecting it to other surfaces around the chamber.

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Labuan Bajo
West Flores, Indonesia
2-3 hours
Get there
Private car or Ojek from Labuan Bajo
Need to know
Try to visit between 9 & 10am