Alor Archipelago Travel Guide

The Alor Archipelago is located in the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands. It’s western neighbour, the Solor Archipelago lies between it and Flores Island. West Timor is directly to the south, the Banda Sea to the north. This truly delightful island group is one of Indonesia’s best kept secrets, whispered about in hushed tones by those…

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West Papua Travel Guide

Gam Island homestay, Raja Ampat, West Papua

West Papua marks the eastern extremity of the Indonesian Archipelago. As the western half of Papua, the world’s second biggest island, it’s a sizable chunk of land with only a relatively small population of less than 880,000.  It’s a land of contrasts – an exceptionally beautiful province boasting vast tracts of impenetrable jungle, cool grassy…

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Java Travel Guide

Sunrise from Borobudur Temple overlooking the Kedu Plain

From modern megacities to ancient temples, steaming volcanoes to palm fringed beaches, amazing terraced farmlands to dense tropical jungle, Java is an island of contrasts and contradictions. It’s the kind of place that beguiles one minute and frustrates the next but never ceases to fascinate. ___ —– JAVA QUICK LINKS —–

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Flores Travel Guide

Linkgo spider rice fields near Cancar Village, Manggarai region, central Flores

Best known as the jumping off point for the Komodo National Park and liveaboard dive boats, Flores is slowly emerging as Indonesia’s next big thing in its own right and deservedly so. With its mountainous topography, smoking volcanos, palm fringed beaches, traditional villages and lush rice fields, Flores is an adventurer’s paradise. ___ —– FLORES…

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