Sumbawa Travel Guide

Beautiful Sekongkang Beach, West Sumbawa, Indonesia

Sumbawa is somewhat of an enigma. It’s separated from its western neighbour Lombok by only 20km’s and is three times the size. And if you happen to be flying over it on your way to Flores or West Timor, you can’t help but notice the rugged topography and jagged coastline interspersed with long expanses of…

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Java Travel Guide

Sunrise from Borobudur Temple overlooking the Kedu Plain

From modern megacities to ancient temples, steaming volcanoes to palm fringed beaches, amazing terraced farmlands to dense tropical jungle, Java is an island of contrasts and contradictions. It’s the kind of place that beguiles one minute and frustrates the next but never ceases to fascinate. ___ —– JAVA QUICK LINKS —–

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