Oehala Waterfall

With a steady cascade streaming over seven tiers into small pools amidst lush green surroundings Oehala Waterfall is a very pretty sight and a welcome cool retreat.

Pretty Oehala Waterfall

Image courtesy Theo van Beusekom

It’s a popular swimming and recreation area with Soe locals and a regular stop on the tourist trail. A rough stairway from leads from the bottom of the cascades to the top so there’s plenty of scope to view the falls from all angles. Bring you bathers and have a swim but be careful getting into the water as the rocks are very slippery.

Oehala Waterfall is nestled in the forest just outside Oehala village roughly 13km north of Soe. Grab an ojek or ask for directions if you’ve got your own scooter. All the locals know where it is.

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13km north of Soe
Central West Timor, Indonesia
2-3 hours
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