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Table Mountain Forest Reserve

Japanese memorial at Gunung Meja, Manokwari, West PapuaAt only 205m high, the flat-topped Table “Mountain” is a rather ambitiously named hill on the flanks of the Arfak Mountains overlooking Manokwari. Covered with dense rainforest, the hill supports a wide variety of flora and fauna and has a handful of small limestone caves which can be explored if the resident bats don’t put you off. At the summit, you’ll find a Japenese Veteran Memorial commemorating the soldiers who died fighting in the region during WWII and great views over Manokwari and Doreri Bay. All in all, it’s a pleasant place to spend half a day exploring.

View over Doreri Bay, Makowari from Table Mountain (Gunung Meja)Table Mountain can be traversed by a relatively flat 2.5km trail beginning in Sarinah and ending in Amban. The trail is well marked once you’re on it but the start off Jalan Diponegoro start is not signposted so you’ll probably need to ask a local to point it out for you.

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