Stilted houses on Lake Sentani, Jayapura, West Papua

Anggi Lakes

The twin mountain lakes of Anggi Giji (Lake of Men) and Anggi Gita (Lake of Women)are located in the southern Arfak Mountains about 50km due south of Manokwari. These alpine lakes are a haven for wildlife, in particular a wide range of bird species including the endemic Greg-banded Munia, shovel-billed kookaburra and grassland specialists suchs at the spotless crake and Lewin’s rail.

Mount Arfak with Anggi Lake in the foreground

Photo © David Worabay

The scenery is superb and easy to appreciate from a number of well-defined hiking trails and roads around the lakes and up into the Arfak Mountains. Using the lakes and the ridge between them as your bearing it’s virtually impossible to get lost so there’s absolutely no need for a guide. Native Hatam and Manikom villages are scattered around the lakes and will usually offer trekkers a roof over their heads although you can easily camp out if you have a tent. Alternatively you can stay at the Ganeshguri Hotel in Dusari to the northwest of Anggi Giji.

One popular trek starts for Ransiki down on the coast east of the lakes and follows the meandering Momi River back into the hills for about 15km, then follows the road westerly to Anggi Gita. The total distance is about 33km and can be completed comfortably in 2-3 days, staying in local huts along the way.

The lakes can be approached from either Ransiki or Wosi. You can reach Ransiki by public bus from Manokwari but you’ll need to hire a vehicle to take you up to the lakes via a fairly rough road. A more direct route from Wosi crosses over the mountains and takes about 4 hours. Shared landcruiser transport departs from Wosi when full and costs around 300.000Rp per person.

Take plenty of warm clothing and bedding as the nights can be freezing and pack your own food provisions even if you’re planning on staying with a local family. Whilst they may provide you with a meal, they’ll appreciate you sharing whatever you’ve brought with you.

50km due south of Manokwari
Bird’s Head Peninsular, West Papua, Indonesia
2-3 days
Get there
Private car or public transport
Need to know
Trekkers need to be self sufficient