Welcome to Roamindonesia.com

When we first conceived the idea of building the most comprehensive website for off-the-beaten-track travel in Indonesia, we seriously under estimated the amount of effort that was going to be required to pull everything together.  But with 17,700 islands, immense natural beauty, fascinating traditional cultures and friendly, welcoming people, trying to capture the best of Indonesia was always going to be a huge task.

What you see on the pages now is just the beginning.  We have a long list of attractions that we plan to add in the not too distant future and we hope our readers will share any great “finds” they make as they explore Indonesia for themselves.  In the meantime, we hope you’ll find the information we’ve provided both inspirational and useful. But most of all, we hope it encourages you to get out there to “explore, discover, wonder” Indonesia for yourself.

Before we sign off, there are many, many people who have supported us along the way by providing information, use of photographs and/or encouragement, and to each and every one of you our heartfelt thanks.  In particular, we’d like to mention:

Dan Quinn – Co-creator of www.gunungbagging.com.  Whilst living and working in Indonesia, Dan climbed hundreds of the country’s mountains and volcanos then compiled the details and photographs of every climbing adventure in gunungbagging.com.  Many of the photographs featured on this site are from Dan’s personal collection.

Baktiar Sontani – Our friend and native Indonesian blogger and photographer, Baktiar has travelled extensively throughout his home country with his camera in hand, captureing some of the fabulous images we’ve featured on this site.  Baktiar is a prolific blogger and has quite a following among his fellow comptriats, but his blog has a handy translate option so go check him out at http://awalnya.blogspot.com.

Theo van Beusekom – During 17 years living and working in Indonesia, Theo and his wife travelled extensively around the country, delving into some of the most off-the-beaten-track locations and far flung corners of Indonesia.  Theo is a Top 5 contributor on Virtual Tourist and you can check out more of his adventures and some really in-depth travel tips on his VT homepage.

Now please go have a look around our website.  All feedback and suggestions will be gratefully received.

Happy travels everyone!

Greg & Melissa

RoamIndonesia.com Team