Beautiful Sekongkang Beach, West Sumbawa, Indonesia

Lake Lebo

Lake Lebo is located just north of Taliwang on Sumbawa’s west coast. You can’t miss it; the main road runs right alongside it for 4km’s. Water reeds and other floating vegetation such as pink and white flowering lilies have split the large, shallow lake into a series of attractive interconnected pools. The lake is at its most attractive during the wet season but it’s a favourite place with the locals all year round for fishing and canoeing.

If you’d like to get out on the water for a few hours, just ask around in Taliwang or anywhere you can see canoes tied up to the lake shore. Someone is sure to take you out or hire you a canoe of your own.

Lake Lebo near Taliwang, west Sumbawa

Photo © Theo van Beusekom

West Sumbawa Island, Indonesia
2-3 hours
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Private car
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Best in the wet season