Spectacular coastal scenery at Watu Maladong, southwestern Sumba

Waikabubak – South Coast

A short drive south of Waikabubak takes you into the Wanokaka River region, a wide river plain with sweeping rice fields and closely clustered traditional villages.

Nihiwatu beach, Sumba, Indonesia

Photo © Baktiar Sontani

Once you reach the coast, there are villages and lovely beaches to the east and west. From the headland near Rua village, there are sweeping views eastward over the 2km long white sandy beach. Across the bay just over the adjacent headland, the sleepy fishing village of Waihura has even better views across Wanokaka Bay. Tracks around the bay are fairly rugged so it’s worth taking to your feet here and trek around the bay, dropping in to some of the small fishing villages along the way.

Back to the west, you’ll need to detour slightly around the exclusive Nihiwatu Resort (unless you’re staying there) but beyond, the coast and inland is cluttered with villages. Gorgeous coastline, soft sandy beaches and rolling surf, including the famous “Occy’s Left” and the stunning white cliffs of Watu Malandong are the order of the day. You can follow the coast all the way through to Pero where you’ll find reasonable accommodation. Assuming a starting point of Waikabubak, it’s a long day of exploring and swimming so you’ll need to make an early start.

South Sumba Island, Indonesia
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