Sibolangit Waterfall

Sikulikap Waterfall

Sikulikap Waterfall is nestled in a rocky gorge in the Bukit Barisan Forest just 11km north of Berastagi on the main road to Medan. The 30m high cascades are quite lovely in their jungle setting but unfortunately the abundant litter in the region detracts from the overall experience. The falls can be accessed by public bus from Berastagi which will drop you at a row of busy restaurants. The trail to the falls goes down behind these then continues along the gorge clinging to the cliff walls. After about 20 min you’ll reach a viewing platform with a couple of pavilions where you can feel the spray from falls on your face. Sikulikap is not suitable for swimming due to the force of the water.

Sibolangit Waterfall (Two Colour Waterfall)

Sibolangit (Two Colour) Waterfall

Photo © Ronald Tagra

Sibolangit Waterfall is located just outside Durin Sirungun village 14km further north from Sikulikap Waterfall along the same road to Medan, 25km in total from Berastagi. The impressive 100m cascade is flanked by smaller cascades emerging from fissures in the cliff face creating a watery curtain across the rocky chamber. Interestingly the individual cascades vary in colour from light blue to greyish-white on account of their watershed high on Mount Sibayak containing traces of phosphorous and sulphur. It’s a phenomenon that has earned the falls its alternate name of Two Colour Waterfall. Against the verdant green backdrop, the cascades and opaque pale blue plunge pool is absolutely stunning.

Sibolangit waterfalls is nestled deep in the jungle around 4km and a 2 hour trek from the ranger’s station at Durin Sirungun village campground. You can’t miss it as it’s well signposted. If you can overlook the abundance of rubbish alongside the trail (when will people learn not to destroy the very beauty they’ve come to see!) the trek is cool and lovely but it is slippery in places and requires a couple of water crossings. Good, sturdy footwear is a must. If the amount of discarded and broken footwear at the falls is anything to go by, far too many people don’t heed this advice. Keep your eyes open as some visitors have reported seeing orangutans in the area.

A guide is compulsory and one will be assigned by the rangers when you register at the entrance station. Expect to pay 150.000Rp for the guide and entrance fee. Durin Sirungun village can be reached by public bus from Berastagi. There are a number of warungs by the campground and hawkers selling noodles and drinks along the trail and at the falls themselves.

Sibolangit falls and the campground can get quite crowded with local tourists on the weekends so you’re best to visit during the week if possible. Swimming is possible at the falls if you can brave the chilly water.

North Sumatra, Indonesia
1 day
Get there
Private car or public transport
Need to know
Guides are compulsory.  Wear sturdy footwear

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