Krui – Ujung Bocur – Karang Nyimbor

Located on the south west coast of Sumatra, this gorgeous stretch of coastline around the town of Krui is well known among surfing circles for its uncrowded world class waves. During the dry season from April to October, SE trade winds coupled with the Indian Ocean swell produce consistently good waves with breaks from 1- 4m and a good variety to suit every skill level, bodyboarders, funboarders, pros and shortboarders. Whilst the consistency and variety of breaks, easy paddle access right off the beach (meaning no expensive surf boat charters) and a cool local vibe has earned Krui an enviable reputation as a top destination for wave riders, it’s abundant natural attractions and pretty village setting are also gaining favour with non-surfers.

Most visitors get their first glimpse of Krui as they drop down off the Bukit Barisan mountain range after approaching overland from Bandar Lampung and what unfolds before them is a coastline of long white beaches, verdant jungle, quiet village hamlets, rice fields and a patchwork of coffee, pepper, cloves and cocoa plantations.

With an abundance of homestays and surf camps, most of which happily cater to non-surfers and can arrange transport or guided tours, Krui is a great place to base yourself whilst you explore the area. The better known surf breaks are at Ujung Bocur of the beach at Tanjung Setia or Krui, but there are dozens of easily accessible, unnamed breaks right along the coast to the north and south. Hire a scooter from Krui and engage a local surf guide or hit the coast road to scout them out yourself.

For non-surfers or those just wanting to take a break from riding the waves, lazing on the beach or swimming can be intermingled with visits to local markets, treks through the rice paddies and plantations in the hills behind Krui or excursions to hidden jungle waterfalls, with the help of a local guide.

At the Lampung Turtle Conservations Centre just south of Krui you can arrange a night time excursion to watch Green turtles, Ridley’s turtles and Leatherback turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Depending on your timing, you may be able to witness hatchlings being released into the ocean the following morning. Closer to the southern tip of Sumatra, there are several rookeries where migratory birds from the Austral-Pacific region nest, adding to the 450 species of birds that inhabit the jungles behind Krui.

Most travellers access Krui from Bandar Lampung. The 243km journey to Tanjung Setia (Krui) take around 6-7 hours. Public buses ply this route on a limited schedule which may necessitate overnighting in Bandar Lumpung. The alternative is a private hire car which costs around 1.000.000Rp one way. These are generally small vans that comfortably seat 6-7 people so if you’re travelling in a small group, this is quite a viable option.

South Sumatra, Indonesia
2-3 days
Get there
Private car, public transport
Need to know
There is plenty to see and do for non surfers

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