Situated in the Karo highlands of north Sumatra along the main route linking Lake Toba with Medan, the vibrant market town of Berastagi is famous for flowers, passionfruit and volcanoes. The town’s cool climate and pretty highlands setting has long been a popular weekend retreat with city dwellers from Medan and foreign tourists alike. With its good transport links and abundance of accommodation, Berastagi is a perfect base from which to climb a volcano or explore some of the nearby Karo Batak traditional villages.

Berastagi is located 10km north of the Karo regency capital of Kabanjahe. It’s 66km and around 2 hours drive, south of Medan and is accessible by public bus from Medan, departing from Sutra bus terminal in Padang Bulan. A tourist bus operates once daily between Berastagi and Parapat, Lake Toba and takes around 4 hours.

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66km south of Medan
North Sumatra, Indonesia
1-2 days
Get there
Private car, public transport
Need to know
A good base to explore the area