Bedegung Waterfall

Bedegung (Curup Tenang) Waterfall With a fall of 99m, Bedegung Waterfall is one the highest in Sumatra. Fed from a watershed high in the Barisan mountain range, the waterfall flows all year round but is especially impressive after heavy rain when the inflow practically thunders into the rocky narrow gorge with so much force it can be heard from the car park 600m away. Even during the dry season, visitors will be greeted by the cool misty air sweeping down the falls long before the set eyes on it.

The falls are located in Bedegung village, around 56km south of Muara Enim city. Unfortunately there’s no public transport between the two so you’ll need to arrange a private vehicle or ojek transportation. From the car park, there’s a footpath trailing the river bank for approximately 600m then a bridge crossing over the river directly in front of the falls, providing a bird’s eye view of the impressive cascades.

Swimming under the cascades when it’s flowing heavily is not possible due to the force of the torrent and unappealing muddy brown water, but when it’s reduced to a gentle flow later in the dry season, you can cool off among the rocky pools downriver from the falls. Weekends are popular with locals doing just that.

Bedegung (Enim River) Rafting

The managers of the Bedegung Waterfall facilities also offer white water rafting along the Enim River below the waterfall. Depending on the water level, the rapids are graded as Class 3 and 4 which means you’ll get tossed about somewhat, you’ll definitely get wet but your chances of falling out of the inflatable raft are very small unless you do something silly.

The trained rafting guides at Bedegung provide paddling instruction and safety briefings prior to hitting the water and equip all participants with safety vests and helmets. Currently, they offer 3 packages offering courses between 3-8km and ranging in price from 150,000-350,000Rp per person based on minimum 6 people. The short course comprising mostly of Class 3 rapids is recommended for novice paddlers. Return transport back to the starting point is included.

Demand is high during weekends and holiday season so booking ahead is recommended. Any tour desk in Muara Enim city should be able to arrange this for you, including return transport.

Bedegung village
South Sumatra, Indonesia
2-3 hours
Get there
Private car or Ojek
Need to know
Swimming is not safe after heavy rain

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