Tunan Waterfall

If there’s one thing that Sulawesi isn’t short of, it’s waterfalls. So much so it’s easy to fall into a “seen one, seen them all” mindset, but Tunan Waterfall is one that’s definitely worth making the effort to see. This beautiful cascade plunges 86m down a sheer rockface flanked by lush green jungle, sending plumes of misty water billowing down the narrow canyon. So be prepared to get wet! It’s possible to swim beneath the falls but the pool is rocky and only around 1.5m deep so don’t go jumping or diving into the water.

Tunan waterfall is located just outside Talawaan village 22km northeast of Manado (not far from Sam Ratulangi Airport). From the carpark entrance, it’s an easy 15min walk along a concrete pathway to the base of the falls. The path can be slippery so wear some grippy footwear; flip-flops are not recommended. Be prepared to pay an entrance fee of 2,700Rp per person but collecting it seems to be a bit hit and miss. The easiest way to get to Tunan waterall is by taxi or ojek from Manado. Alternatively, catch the Dimembe bound mikrolet minibus from Manado, getting off Talawaan, then grab an ojek for the remaining 4kms to the waterfall.

22km northeast of Manado
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
1-2 hours
Get there
Taxi or ojek from Manado
Need to know
Can be slippery, wear grippy shoes