Pinaras Waterfall

Yet another of Minahasa’s treasure trove of attractions, Pinaras Waterfall is an attractive 43m high cascade pouring into a lushly vegetated rocky chamber.

The beautifull Pinaras waterfall in Sulawesi, Manado, IndonesiaAccording to local legend, there was once a big rock in the middle of the waterfall which on contact, sent the cascade spraying out around it instead of the simply falling into a plunge pool. In the local dialet, the term for this spray effect is “Tunimperas,” later simplified to “Pinaras.” The rock is no longer there and the locals are a bit vague as to what actually happened to it, but regardless, the waterfall is still very pretty.

The waterfall is located just outside Pinaras village, 9km southwest of Tomohon. Mikrolet minibuses service this route but an ojek from Tomohon will only set you back around 5.000Rp and is a lot quicker and more convenient. From the waterfall entrance it’s an easy 15min to walk along a well trodden pathway to the base of the falls. Be aware the track can be a bit muddy and slippery in places, especially around the little bamboo creek crossing and descending down to the base of the falls so wear some grippy footwear. There is a bamboo handrail along much of the trail but it’s fallen down in some places and elsewhere doesn’t look too reliable. There’s a small, shallow pool in the floor of the chamber but the water is muddy brown and not all that appealing for swimming.

Pinaras village
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
1-2 hours
Get there
Taxi, mini bus or ojek
Need to know
Can be muddy and slippery