View towards Batutumonga near Rantepao, Tana Torajo

Minahasa Highlands

Whitewater Rafting

The mountainous highlands around Manado are laced with clean, fast flowing rivers and streams that are perfect for a bit of white water action. The main rafting rivers are the Nimanga River (also known as the Timbukar River) and the Ranoyapo River, the longest in North Sulawesi, both located within 50km of Manado.

There are several staging points for rafting tours with different degrees of difficulty so there’s something to suit everyone, including children as young as five. Safety gear including safety vests and helmets and basic paddling is provide prior to setting out with an experienced guide at the

With rapids graded between easy and intermediate (2 to 3), the Nimanga River is ideal for novice paddlers with just the right amount of white water action to get the adrenalin racing without fear of falling out of the raft (as long as you’re holding on) and even a little time to enjoy the passing scenery. An 8km course starting at Timbukar village and finishing at Tangkunei, includes 35 rapids graded between easy and intermediate and takes around 2 hours to complete. A slight longer, similarly graded course continues from Tangkunei and finishes at Lelema village.

The Ranoyapo River serves up no less than 60 sets of rapids along an exhilarating 35km white water course With rapids graded between intermediate and advanced (3 to 5+), this river will definitely get the heart pumping and test your fitness but those who like a challenge will love it. The full 35km rafting trips along the Ranoyapo starts at Lompat Lama village near Tomohon and finishes beneath the Ranoyapo bridge at Amurang district. It can be completed in full day (9 hours rafting with lunch) but a couple of companies offer it as a 1.5 day trip with overnight camping alongside the riverbank. A short course option covering the first 8km of the river can be completed as a half day adventure.

At the time of writing there were five specialist white water rafting companies offering some or all of the trips described as all-inclusive packages out of Manado. You should be able to book a package at any tour desk in Manado.

50km from Manado
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
1 day
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Private car or public transport
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There are levels of difficulty to suit beginners and experienced paddlers