Introducing the Solor Archipelago

Larantuka from Adonara, Solor Archipelago

Photos © Baktiar Sontani

The Solor Archipelago is located in the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands off the eastern tip of Flores Island. It is divided from its close neighbour to the east, the Alor Archipelago, by the Alor Strait which connects the Banda Sea in the north to the Savu Sea in the south.

The main islands of Solor, Adonara and Lembata (previously known as Lomblen) are surrounded by many smaller islands. Sitting directly on the Sunda volcanic arc, the islands of Solor are mountainous with rugged coastlines interspersed with rocky headlands, secluded coves and long sandy beaches.

Between island hopping, volcano trekking, whaling villages and remnants of Portuguese occupation to explore, the Solor’s are an adventurers dream. The best part is they’re not that hard to get to or get around.

Lembata fishing village, Solor ArchipelagoThe place to start your Solor island hopping adventure depends which way you’re travelling. If you’re travelling eastwards from Flores, there are daily ferry services linking Larantuka with Waiwerang (Adonara Island) and Lewoleba (Lembata Island). TransNusa airlines and passenger/car ferry services operate between Kupang, West Timor and Lembata Island. Pelni ships also operate in the area. For schedule information and prices check the link provided. Within the archipelago, small boats are moving between various small ports on the islands daily. Simply head down to the nearest wharf and make inquiries. Local fisherman’s boats can also be chartered for relatively small cost.