Obi Islands

Located south of Halmahera and north of Seram Island in the central Malukus Obi is the largest island in the archipelago. Obi’s highest peak is 1611 metres so there may be some hiking possibilities. There are a number of smaller islands which make up the archipelago. Bisa being the largest located to the north of Obi. Laiwui, the capital, is located on the northeast coast of Obi Island. There are a few facilities here including home stay type accommodation. The main ports are also located in the area which is worth noting as the only way to reach the archipelago is by boat.

Although very few visitors make the journey to the islands there are a number of attractions for those who do.

The west and south sides of the island are sparsely populated with a number of villages to explore. Check out the lighthouse at Suligi village while there.

Sambiki Island located to the east of Laiwui is an uninhabited islet just to the north of Sambiki village. Arrange a boat at the village to visit this little slice of tropical paradise.

Bisa Island

“Snake Island” keep an eye out for the Death Adders that inhabit the island. A Death Adder bite can be fatal so watch your step.

The attractions on Bisa range from caving and waterfalls around Galala on the western side of the island to viewing stilted villages on the east coast.

Surrounding Islands

The islands surrounding Obi, Belang-belang, Obilatu, Gamomo and Tapa are sparsely populated with a few fishing villages and plantations. Belang-belang is uninhabited with some nice fringing reefs so a nice spot for some snorkelling. Arrange a boat in Laiwui to explore the islands.