Kiematubu Volcano – Mount Tidore

Featured on the 1,000Rp note and standing at 1,750m, the dormant Kiematubu is slightly higher than its active neighbour Mount Gamalama. It is however, easier to climb due to a higher starting point from the village of Gurabunga which is 600m above sea level.

The trail commences in farmlands then enters a forested region and is quite steep right from the get-go. Once you clear the forest, there are great views across to Mount Gamalama and Kie Besi volcano on Makian Island which only get better the higher you climb. It’s takes about 2-3 hours to reach the top of the crater rim, then another 10-15 min to walk around the rim to a graffiti covered concrete cairn that marks the highest point. On a clear day, the views from this point are simply stunning.

Kiematubu as seen from Ternate

Copyright Dan Quinn/Gunung Bagging

Guranbunga village can be reached by angkot (mini bus) public transport from Soasiu village. Don’t be tempted to take an ojek as the road is very steep and many scooters won’t make it. Guides can be hired on arrival in Gurabunga and you’ll definitely need one to help negotiate the farm land prior to the commencement of the mountain trail. Allow a full day to complete the climb and take plenty of water.

If you’re staying on the neighbouring Ternate Island, head down to Bastiong Harbour and catch the ferry to Rum Harbour, Tidore. The first one leaves at 7:00am, the last at 5:00pm. Alternately, ask around the waterfront to charter a local fishing boat.

Tidore Island
North Maluku Islands, Indonesia
1 day
Get there
Ferry or small boat from Ternate Island
Need to know
Guides are required. Take plenty of water.