Beautiful Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Rinjani NP, Lombok

Jeruk Manis Waterfall

Located on the southern slopes of Mount Rinjani, the gorgeous Jeruk Manis waterfall (also known as Aik Temer Waterfall) is well worth a visit. Tumbling from a height of 40m, the cascades flow all year round, creating a cool, moist environment for the rainforest vegetation that grows thickly on either side of the falls. As well as cooling off in the shallow rock pool below the cascades, there are some small shallow pools in the river above the falls and great views back down the river valley. The local believe the water from the falls has the power to cure baldness so some of the guys might like this one!

Jeruk Manis Waterfall, Rinjani NP, LombokThe gateway to the falls is Tete Batu village located about 2kms outside the southern boundary of the national park. From the car park and main entrance near the village it’s a 2km walk into the falls. The path is well worn so there’s no need for a guide but you will have to pay a 50.000Rp admission fee. A second and very pleasant option is to access the falls via a 2hr trek through the rice paddies around Tete Batu. You will need a guide for this. Pick one up at Tete Batu and expect to pay around 100.000-150.000Rp. You can always walk in one way, and walk out the other. There are a couple of options to reach the falls. Beware the track into the falls and climbing to the top can be wet and slippery so good sturdy shoes are a must.

Tete Batu village
Lombok Island, Indonesia
2-4 hours
Get there
Private car, taxi or ojek
Need to know
Wear sturdy shoes as tracks can be slippery