Locals live in the shadow of active Mt Inerie volcano, central , Indonesia

Wolobobo Hill

Just 3km south of Bajawa lies Wolobobo Hill. The ‘hill’ is actually a perfectly formed crater rim created after an eruption 10,000 years ago. Interesting in itself but the real attraction is the breathtaking view over the surrounding countryside including Mount Inerie and Mount Ebulobo volcanoes, the oddly shaped Batu Jaramasih hill and Bajawa town.

Sunrise on Wolobobo Hill, Flores IndonesiaThe Boabai tribespeople of eastern Bajawa have long believed the twin volcanoes Mount Inerie and Mount Ebulobo are gods who were once engaged to be married. After a dispute over Inerie’s dowery, the two were drawn into a battle resulting in the death of Inerie at Ebulobo’s hand. Ever since, Inerie has smouldered with fire from the battle, giving off ghostly plumes of white smoke. Watching the sun rise over these volcanoes from Wolobobo Hill, a breathtaking sight, it’s impossible not feel some of the same mystique.

Getting to Wolobobo is easy, involving a short 9.8km, half hour drive followed by a relatively easy 30-45min trek to the top of the crater rim. Head east from Bajawa along the Transflores Highway towards the Bajawa Soa Airport. After approximately 3.5km just after Boua Village, turn right and follow the paved road straight on. Another 2km on you’ll reach a fork on the road; veer left and follow the road to the end right up to the base of Wolobobo. Aim for a 5am start from Bajawa if you’re planning on taking in the sunrise or 5pm if you’re aiming for sunset. Both are equally good. Don’t forget to take a torch to light the trail.

Central Flores, Indonesia
2-3 hours
Get there
Private car or scooter from Bajawa
Need to know
Get an early start to catch the sunrise