Locals live in the shadow of active Mt Inerie volcano, central , Indonesia

Ogi Waterfall

Located just 8km to the east of Bajawa and an easy 15 minute walk from the road, Ogi Waterfall is perfect for a short outing if you’re in the area. Located in a small, lush patch of forest surrounded by rice fields, Ogi waterfall tumbles 30 metres or so down a narrow channel worn into the granite rockface over eons, spilling into a small rocky plunge pool. During the rainy season, the waterfall roars with the sheer volume of water gushing through that natural channel but this slows to a trickle during the dry season.

Ogi Waterfall, Flores

Photo Baktiar Sontani

At one time the provincial government established a microhydro power plant adjacent to the falls to supplement Bajawa’s electricity requirements. Whilst the plant is now defunct, local farmers have since constructed a stone duct as a means of irrigating the surrounding rice fields and other crops.

As well as enjoying the scenery, those prepared to brave the cool water, can enjoy a dip in the pool at the base of the falls. Otherwise, try spotting some of the monkeys that inhabit the trees and cliffs adjacent to the falls.

Despite the proximity to Bajawa, it takes about 25 minutes to drive to Ogi due to the winding road conditions so allow about 2-2.5 hours all up to visit the waterfall. It’s a well known attraction so just about local driver or ojek will be able to take you there on request ,which your guesthouse or hotel will be able to help you arrange.

Central Flores, Indonesia
2-2.5 hours
Get there
Private car or Ojek from Bajawa
Need to know
Keep an eye out for the resident monkeys