Bena traditional village near Bajawa, central Flores

Malanage Hot Springs

Malanage Hot Spring is located in Dariwali Village about halfway between Bena and Gurusina Villages and unlike some hot springs in Flores, is entirely natural and unaltered. Here, in a pretty forest grove at the confluence of a hot and cold river, a series of shallow, babbling pools provide the perfect place relax and let the warm water melt away whatever aches your trekking and sightseeing around Bajawa has left you with. If you feel like exploring a little, there’s a small cascade a short distance up the cold river.

Malanage Hot Springs near Bajawa, FloresGetting to Malanage Hot Springs is easy. Located on the Bena Village access road from Bajawa, proceed about 2km passed Bena Village to Dariwali Village. The springs are located a short distance off the unpaved road Naruwolo Village. From there it’s a short hike down to the springs on a well formed trail. Alternatively, it’s a 45min-1hr trek from Gurusina Village. If you don’t have a guide, the locals will point you in the right direction.

Basic change room facilities, toilet and food and drink stalls are located a discreet distance from the springs. There’s no admission fee but a small donation to help cover the costs of maintaining the facilities and keeping the area clean and clear of rubbish is expected.

Dariwali Village
Central Flores, Indonesia
3-4 hours
Get there
Private car, scooter or hike
Need to know
A small donation is required