Locals live in the shadow of active Mt Inerie volcano, central , Indonesia

Cunca Rami Waterfall

On an island full of beautiful waterfalls, Cunca Rami holds its own. It’s not just the steady cascade falling over a 100m high granite rock face into a rather pretty sunlit pool that appeals; it’s getting there. Located in the heart of tranquil farmlands, the 45 min hike from the nearest village Werang is more like a relaxing stroll as you pass by rice fields, banana, cacoa, vanilla and avocado plantations. The locals are exceedingly friendly and if you have the benefit of an Indonesian guide to translate for you, don’t be surprised if they stop you along the way for a chat.

Cunca Rami waterfall, FloresA visit to Cunca Rami is highly recommended and can easily be combined with one or more of Labauan Bajo’s surrounding attractions to make a single day or overnight trip.

The best way to reach Cunca Rami is by private transportation, either a car or scooter. Head eastwards from Labuan Bajo towards Ruteng along the TransFlores Highway. At the 35km mark turn right at the crossroads and travel another 10.5km to Werang Village where the trail to the falls starts and finishes. If you’ve travelled from Labuan Bajo without a guide, you should be able to recruit someone from the village to take you although you may be lucky to find one that speaks English. However, rather unusually for Flores the trail is sign posted (look out for “air terjun”, the Indonesian words for waterfall) so it can go it alone.

located not far from Cunca Rami. In fact it’s only a short detour off the road to Werang Village about 5km after turning off the TransFlores Highway so combining the two waterfalls into the same outing is ideal.

Werang Village
West Flores, Indonesia
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Private car or Ojek from Labuan Bajo
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