Blue Stone Beach

Blue Stone Beach on the central south coast of Flores is both gorgeous and a geological oddity.  This black volcanic sand beach is strewn with blue, green, red and yellow stones as far as the eye can see.  The source of the rocks is the adjacent cliffs and although we haven’t been able to find any definitive geological explanation for this phenomenon, the origin is undoubtedly volcanic.  Common volcanic minerals such as sulphides and rock-forming feldspar can both lead to blue, green, red or bronze colouration. We were also intrigued to see fine blue crystalline material present in the black volcanic sand.

Stones are collected and sorted according to size at Blue Stone Beach, Flores, Indonesia

In recent years, the local villages have begun collecting and selling the attractive stones.  The stones are collected, graded according to size, colour and shape and sold to traders. We were told most of the stones end up in craft or landscaping projects in Indonesia and overseas.

Watching the local collectors and sorters at work on the beach and adjacent humpies definitely gives one a new appreciation for the landscaping supplies we buy so easily from our local hardware store.

Blue Stone Beach is located 26km west of Ende, right beside the Trans-Flores Highway.  Impossible to miss and a convenient place to stretch your legs and breathe in some refreshing sea air.

26km west of Ende along the Trans-Flores Highway
South-central coast Flores, Indonesia
1 hour
Get there
Private car, ojek or bus from/to Ende
Need to know
Just enjoy it